Welcome to the 7th GSFW (Global Sustainable Fashion Week 2022) in collaboration with the Budapest Design Week


We announce with great pleasure to open the Call for DESIGNERS of the 7th GSFW Budapest, Hungary 2022. This year’s theme is the combination of Architecture with Fashion, Art & Design. The main programs of the 7th#GSFW will take place between 13-15 October 2022 at the BDW. We are pleased to invite you to read the Call and to join us at this unique and inspiring event! 

The main concept of our 7thGSFW is SynArFash – synergy between Architecture/Arts and Fashion

The international Exhibition & Fashion Show/Dance Performance will focus on this key theme, but of course, as every year, with sustainability and environmental aspects in mind.

7th GSFW is a platform where we can invite researchers, designers, artists, architects, constructors, academic professionals, and students who are dealing with Architecture, Fashion, Arts, and Design. 

The SynArFash international Exhibition & Fashion show/Dance performance welcomes designers who will demonstrate their fashion collection created with this attitude.  Many well-known fashion designers originally studied architecture or draw inspiration from architecture and many architects are open to the co-arts and look for common ground. Based on our preliminary consultations with such experts, we agreed on the relevance of products and objects that are made in a sustainable, value-preserving, environmentally friendly, or even recycling way. In addition, this approach applies not only to fashion, but also to the objects in the spaces around us, and even to buildings. 

Sustainable and natural materials such as wool, wood, or hemp are used not only in the textile and fashion industry but also in architecture. The recycling, renovation, and new functionality of old buildings can be compared to the recycling processes in the fashion industry. Ecological design is also gaining ground in both sectors and new, innovative, smart, and sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly important. 

We are sure that this topic will spread to an ever-increasing global audience. We refer to the New European Bauhaus initiative too, imagining and building together a sustainable and inclusive future with the motto of the 7th#GSFW: “Feeling good in my clothing and the space around me.”

We welcome & encourage national & international designers to present their fashion collections on this theme. All designers, who exhibit in the Baroque Statue Hall are kindly asked to bring all of their art pieces and collections to the venue.


đź“…Date: 15 October 2022 (full-day program)

🌎Venue: Baroque Sculptural Hall of the Kiscelli Museum


11:00 am to 18:00 pm – Exhibition in the Baroque Sculptural Hall is open for public, possibility to meet and discuss  with the designers, who present their artwork, collections there.

16:00 pm – Guided tour of the Design Without Border

🎬Package details & participation areas:

There are three ways to take part in our 7th GSFW 

  1. Digital collection Presentation- will put on #GSFW YouTube Channel (abt.3 minutes) – EUR 100
  2. Physical Participation to present some Art pieces/Collection in the concept of SynArFash in the Baroque Statue Hall in the Kiscelli Museum – EUR 500
  3. Physical Participation to present the collection of the designers – at new venue!  – EUR 800

🏆Why take part?

There are multiple benefits to take part in our 7th GSFW event:

  • Full marketing and promotion on international platform
  • Get full coverage (video & Pictures)
  • Brand & Designer recognition
  • Networking opportunities during event
  • City tour
  • For package 2&3 ( 2 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast for designer) 
  • Invitation letters for visas (if required)
  • Conference entry pass
  • 2 invitation passes for guests
  • Snacks/coffee during events

✨Submit your collection now!

Please send your collection details using this form by 15 September 2022 latest:

    Type of Participation:

    Image photos about the artwork/design to be presented (~1MB per each. Formats: bmp, jpg, png, pdf.):

    High Resolution profile picture of Designer (~1MB. Formats: bmp, jpg, png, pdf.):

    During the whole event, a photo and / or video recording can be made by the photographer and the videographer of the event organizer. With the registration to the event and by participating in the event, the participant agrees to appear on a photo and / or video recording of the event, and also gives its consent to the unlimited use of the organizer or its legitimate user by taking photos and / or video, and there is no claim for any use of it.
    The organizer is not responsible for the use of any photo and / or video recording made by the visitors of the event.

    For Hungarian designers, please, use this form:

      Részvétel típusa:

      Nagy felbontású imázs fotók a kollekcióról/design termékekről (esetleg a tervekről) (~1MB / db. Formátum: bmp, jpg, png, pdf.):

      Nagy felbontású profilkép a tervezőről (~1MB. Formátum: bmp, jpg, png, pdf.):

      A rendezvény teljes időtartama alatt a szervező által megbízott fotós és videós által fotó- és/vagy videófelvétel készülhet. Résztvevő a rendezvényre történő regisztrációval és a rendezvényen történő részvételével hozzájárulását adja ahhoz, hogy a rendezvényen róla fotó- és/vagy videófelvétel készüljön, melynek a szervező vagy annak jogos felhasználója által történő korlátlan felhasználásához szintén hozzájárulását adja azzal, hogy a fotó- és/vagy videófelvétellel és annak korlátlan felhasználásával kapcsolatban semmilyen jogcímen követelése nincs.
      A rendezvény szervezője nem felelős a rendezvény látogatói által készített fotó- és/vagy videófelvétel felhasználását illetően.


      Drop us an email at info@fashionhungary.com and cc fadnoori@gmail.com.