Pictures from the 4th #GSFW

International Eco Fashion Show: Creative Team of #GSFW is headed by István Hornyák designer, stylist, choreographer and visual artist, with Ágnes Szépligeti, designer, Head of the Couture and Art Team of National Fashion League Hungary (NDL)

Designers: Jeff Garner (USA), Plus Que Ma Vie – Andrea Lazzari (Italy), Fosca MILANO (Italy), MSMAD Collective Fashion Show: VIP guest designer: Tere Gutiérrez de la Concha, Mattos, Cucubox, Soesto, Upcyclick, Abissi (Spain), Cocccon – Georg Andreas Suhr (Germany), Mayu – Anita Koritke (Hungarian-Indian), Dr. Jocelyn H-C Chen (Taiwan), Navona – Megla Rózsa (Hungary), Nevice – Naima Nevice Maneno (Germany), Sylvia Calvo (Spain)

Fashion Show

Designers On Display


VIP Closing Program

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