The 5th #GSFW

2nd April 2020  Hungarian Spoken Part

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek & Rózsa Megla – ATV report about the 5th#GSFW

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek – Greeting, going digital

Gabriella Suba – The plan of the GSFW toward an environment-friendly event

Dr Ervin László – Earth 21 Talks

Presenting Hungarian Eco designers

Nusi Mohácsi – Shamo Bags

Zsófia Szőnyegi – Macondo

Gabriella Veszprémi – Developing – Reusing Leather Waste

Judit Simon – Ditta Felt

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek – Sustainable Fashion

Dr. Ildikó Medgyessy – Elegant Design Zrt.

Anna Hannauer Szabó – Innowear

Dóra Balogh – Weall

Mellow Mood Hotels – Hungarian (EN subtitle)

Dr Ervin László – It Is Time For Transition – English (HU subtitle)

Péter Lukács – Environmental Damage of Fashion Industry In Hungary

2nd April 2020  English Spoken Part

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek – Greeting, going digital

Gabriella Suba – Green Plan of GSFW

Dr. LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky – Impact Fashion Hub

Ildikó Csikai – Space Harmony System

Dr Ervin László – Inspire Nation Show – Chaos and Super-Coherence. What Is Going On In The World Today

Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir – Dimmblá

Ninette Murk – For a better fashion world

Guoxiang Yuan PhD – Sustainable Fashion Design by Using Digital Laser Surface Treatment

Natalia Solomatine – Feodora Moscow

Brenda Andersen & Constanza Darderes – Second hand cool fashion, circular economy, new consumption habits – Spanish (EN subtitle)

The Closing Event Of 4thGSFW

Anna Yona – Wildling Shoes – English (DE subtitle), German (EN subtitle)

Cornelia Kangur – Can Fashion Really Be Sustainable?

Camilla Carrara – Zerobarracento

Charlen O’Brain – Interview about the eco design

Judit Simon – Ditta Felt

Essi Tomobile – AfroDesign

Dóra Balogh – Weall

Ágnes Krivanics – HoF The Fashion Show & Pop-Up

Jeff Garner on the International Eco Fashion Show 2019

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek – Meeting

Sass Brown

Madhusudan. K. LAL – Climate change

Fashion Revolution – Fashion’s Future

Réka Szentesi – Fashion Revolution


Mellow Mood Hotels

Dr Ervin László – It Is Time For Transition – English (HU subtitle)

3rd April 2020 English Spoken Conference Day

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek – Welcome Greetings

Isabelle Brigout – French journalist about the Fashion Pact

János Keresnyei – Technical Informations

Ákos Lukács – Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change at Deloitte Hungary

Dr. Monika Zabel – The Roles of Designers and Artists in Times of Environmental Crisis

Rossana Diana

Vittorio Giomo & Ornella Bignami – Presentation of “Green Book”

Zuzana Kralova – Sustainable Supply Chain

Mia Sylvia Harrod – Presentation about eco wedding dresses

Olga Antonova

Dr. Jocelyn Chen – Sustainability – The New It – An Approach Embedded in Self-Directed Learning

Kriszta Szabo – Green Culture

Fawad Noori – Importance of Digital Activities to Upgrade Sustainability in Fashion

Monika Choudhary – Eco- friendly printing of textiles substrates by flower and leaves imprint technology

Analia Pastran & Evangelina Colli – Public Policy and Legislation in Sustainable Fashion

Mariel Jumpa & Dominique Langer – Empowering Latin American Fashion into the digital world

Dinie van den Heuvel

Anna Yona – Wildling Shoes – Building up a remote team as a sustainable minimal shoe brand

Bav Tailor – Focus Your Inner Ecology to Nurture the Environment Around You

Benjamin Itter – Create real value – Ideas for a sustainable textile industry

Luca Olivini – Sustainability & Circular Economy in the Textile Industry

Martina Marekova Kuipers – Fashion Revolution Slovakia

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