Analia Pastran – Executive Director Of Smartly

Lecturer. Executive Director Of Smartly, Social Enterprise on the SDGs, New York 

Topic: Public Policy and Legislation in Sustainable Fashion (Presentation with Evangelina Colli)

Anna Yona – Founder of Wildling Shoes

Topic: Wildling Shoes – Building up a remote team as a sustainable minimal shoe brand

Benjamin Itter – CEO of Lebensbekleidung

Topic: Create real value – Ideas for a sustainable textile industry

Brenda Andersen & Constanza Darderes – Co-founders and directors of Cocoliche Ropa con Otra Oportunidad from Argentina

Topic: Second hand cool fashion, circular economy, new consumption habits.

Camilla Carrara – Founder and zero waste designer at Zerobarracento

Designer from Italy

Cornelia Kangur – CEO and Founder at Finest Fashion Site, co-founder at Sustainable Finest Fashion

BA Fashion and Textile Resource Management, MSc Marketing and Business Management. “Been working as Sales Advisors for four years. I also have had experience as intern in several Fashion companies like Baltika AS and MarKina Style OÜ. Last summer had an opportunity to supplement my knowledge of the Fashion industry in Thailand as an exchange student.” Speaker from Estonia

Topic: Can fashion really be sustainable?

Ákos Lukács – Senior Manager at Deloitte Hungary

Topic: Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change at Deloitte Hungary

Dinie van den Heuvel – Creative director of Infantium Victoria GmbH
Dr. Ervin László – Founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, Founder of Club of Budapest

Keynote Speaker. Systems philosopher, scientist, integral theorist, founder of Club of Budapest, guest professor at various universities in Europe and the Far East, Member of different academies, author of more than 70 books, 200 publications.

Dr. LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky – Human Rights for Women President & CEO/ Global Sustainability in Fashion Consultant

Speaker from USA. Human Rights for Women President & CEO/ Global Sustainability in Fashion Consultant. Member of the International Executive Board of GSFW.


Dr. Medgyessy Ildikó – Director at Elegant Design Zrt.

Speaker from Hungary

Dr. Monika Zabel – Managing Director crossxculture consulting

Curator, Speaker, award winning designer and economist. Founder of Urban Pilgrims Design.

Topic: The Role of Designers and Artists in Times of Environmental Crisis

Evangelina Colli

Director of Localizing the SDGs in Public Policies and Coordinator of the Local Parliaments Network on the SDGs of Smartly, Buenos Aires

Topic: Public Policy and Legislation in Sustainable Fashion (Presentation with Analia Pastran)

Fawad Noori – Creative Design Head of #GSFW by National Fashion League Hungary Association

Speaker from Pakistan

Topic: Importance of collaborative digital activities to upgrade sustainablity in fashion

Dr. Guoxiang Yuan – Associate Professor in College of Fashion and Design, Donghua University

Speaker from China

Topic: Sustainable Fashion Design by Using Digital Laser Surface Treatment

Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir – Chief Executive Officer at Rebutia

Speaker from Iceland. “I’m a passionate business founder committed to reducing waste in the world with substantial experience in the business environment, motivated to identify strategies and techniques to attract customers and provide products and services that help people and simultaneously do good for the planet.” Goals: reduce waste, make a difference, to protect the environment

Ildikó Irén Csikai – Senior Consultant at SHS SYSTEM

Speaker from Hungary

Isabelle Brigout – Designer & sustainable luxury journalist from France, foundress of Mademoiselle B

Topic: Introducing of the Fashion Pact

János Keresnyei – President of Kreatív Ipari Klaszter

Speaker from Hungary. Business Innovation Coach at European Commission EASME, a mentor in WORTH Partnership Project Innovation management in cultural and creative industry. Specialities: creative production, international relations, innovation managament, technology skills, technology evaluation, intellectual wealth management, risk analysys.

Topic: Innovation management in cultural and creative industry

Luca Olivini – Eco Hub Material Manager

Speaker from Italy

Topic: Sustainability & Circular Economy. How to integrate sustainability into brands and access a new generation of values

Péter Lukács – CEO of Hugaropec Zrt.

Speaker from Hungary

Topic: Environmental damages in Hungary caused by fashion industry, and future of fashion industry from the aspect of environmental protection

Monika Choudhary – Le Mark School of Art & Design, Mumbai India

Lecturer and Designer from India

Topic: Eco- friendly printing of textiles substrates by flower and leaves imprint technology

Ninette Murk – Social Entrepreneur, Founder/Director at Beauty without Irony and Designers against Aids; Director MintRed PR

Speaker from Belgium. Social entrepreneur/activist, consultant, creative director, fashion & lifestyle journalist, PR, trendwatcher, curator, fashion editor, producer, writer, event planner

Topic: For a better fashion world

Olga Antonova – Founder Designing Beautiful Eco Solutions for Sustainable Future

Sustainability Expert, Educator, Journalist: Fashion & Lifestyle. Executive Board Member of Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Visiting Lecturer. “My vision is a beautiful and sustainable world where people live in harmony with themselves, each other and nature. In my work and life I am driven by beauty as the universal value and the teachings of deep ecology. Sustainability is what people and businesses need to embody today in order to continue to live in a safe, healthy, prosperous and beautiful world.”

Rossana Diana

Circular Economy Manager from Milan. She is an established member in the fields of circular economy and fashion. She has worked as a designer under Dame Vivienne Westwood

Topic: Wastemark, the Waste Coutureprotocol

Solomatine Nathalie – Creative director on FEODORA. Moscow

Natalia N. Solomatine is a fashion designer, born in 1972 in Moscow, Soviet Union. Since 1995 she is the author of many collections, costumes, performances, exhibitions and publications signed by Solo-Matine. Since 2014 she is working in a new kind of fashion approach in the pattern cutting developed by a fashion label Feodora.moscow

Topic: FEODORA ZERO WASTE FASHION CUT – The Tradition and the Innovation

Vittorio Giomo  – Chief Advisor at Global Sustainable Fashion Week at NHFL

Speaker from Italy

Topic: Presentation of “Green Book” written by him and Ornella Bignami, ELEMENTI MODA S.r.l.

Zuzana Kralova – Designer · fashion, accessories and footwear | Sustainability + Technology Consultant

Fashion Designer with experience in the sector of textiles and innovation/ sustainability, working in departments of woman/man developing ready-to-wear and knitwear. Founder of KRALOVA, a studio focused on creative direction, fashion consulting and design.


Bav Tailor – Founder and conscious creative of her eponymous eco sustainable luxury brand

Possesses over 15 years of experience within the Fashion industry.

Topic: Focus Your Inner Ecology to Nurture the Environment Around You

Martina Mareková Kuipers – Revolution Country Coordinator for Slovakia

Experienced slow fashion designer with own brand Bartinki and with history of working in the apparel and fashion. Educator on environmental topics with focus on sustainability, transparency and ethics in fashion industry. Fashion Revolution Country Coordinator for Slovakia

Dr. Gabriella Manyi-Walek – President of NFLH and Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Member of the Stearing Board of WORTH, FR country coordinator, owner of IMÁZS DC.

Interview about her activities for a more sustainable fashion/world: link. She is also an active promoter of green energy on the field of biogas/biogas upgrading in collaboration with DMT Clear Gas Solutions

Mariel Jumpa – Advisor & Founder of Slow Fashion World Regional Advisor and Director LATAM for #GSFW

Speaker from Sweden. She is passionate about building communities and matchmaking businesses driving local and global social innovation, sustainability and diversity

Topic: Empowering Latin American Fashion into the digital world (Presentation with Dominique Langer)

Dominique Langer – Communication strategist at Slow Fashion World

Argentinian Sustainability consultant living in France

Topic: Empowering Latin American Fashion into the digital world (Presentation with Mariel Jumpa)

Mia Sylvia Herrod – Founder of MiaSylvia

Her background is in textiles and as environmental activist. MiaSylvia is for the eco-conscious. People who are looking for eco alternatives in the wedding industry and also pieces that are ethical towards others and the planet. I source vintage and second hand dresses and re-purpose them with natural dyes.

Topic: Eco conscious production of wedding dresses

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