Schedule of 4th Global Sustainable Fashion Week​

Schedule of 4th Global Sustainable Fashion Week

8th April 2019 Press Conference 5 pm

Only for prominent sponsors and special invitees from the press
EN – Registration | HU – Regisztráció

9th April 2019 International Conference

Traditions and cross-border, intercultural cooperation

09 30 – 10 00


10 00 – 11 00

Opening and greeting speeches from international participants, each representing global sustainable responsibility

10 00 – 10 15

  • Dr. Gian Luca Borghese, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute

10 15 – 10 20

  • Dr. Gabriella Mányi Walek, President of the National Fashion League Hungary Association, Founder of GSFW, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution, Hungary

10 20 – 10 30

  • Sass Brown, Honorary President of GSFW, one of the most emblematic representatives of sustainable and ethical fashion, author of two books on the subject (United Kingdom)

10 30 – 10 40

  • Vittorio Giomo, Vice President of Intercolor, Chief Adviser to GSFW (Italy)

10 40 – 11 00

  • Gretel Matías Soraya, Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Argentina
  • Esther Martín Padrón, Cultural Councellor, Embassy of Spain

11 00 – 11 30

Mariel Jumpa, Sweden, and Paloma G. Lopez, Spain:
Building a Digital Community as a Tool for Action and Change

Mariel Jumpa from Sweden, founder of Slow Fashion World, a global platform and agency for collaboration and partnership between social, ethical companies in Europe and Latin America. The community has 1,500 industry professionals in fashion, travel and lifestyle, and a total of +10,000 followers on social media channels. It is extremely active in building communities that promote local and global social innovation, sustainability and diversity.
Common presentation about the topic with Paloma G. Lopez, President of MSMAD Asociación Moda Sostenible de Madrid (Sustainable Fashion Association, Madrid)

11 30 – 12 00

Charlotta Brynger, Sweden:
Cultural Intelligence for a Sustainable Future

CEO of CueMe, certified trainer in the Lewis Model and a licensed partner of Richard Lewis Communications Ltd & CultureActive Ltd

12 00 – 12 30

Parvinder Marwaha, Design Defines Us, Architecture Design Fashion, British Council
How can we nurture a more collaborative, diverse and sustainable future for our global design community?

We believe that design gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better. Led by the Architecture Design Fashion (ADF) team at British Council, this session will provide an insight into the defining principals of our team’s globally led work. Through the lens of four ADF programmes, we will explore how sustainability can be positioned as a powerful catalyst for new creative practice.
Fashion Revolutionaries | Crafting Futures |Making MattersInternational Fashion Showcase

12 30 – 13 30

Buffet Lunch

13 30 – 14 15

Brigitta Péterváry-Szanyi, Count Esterházy Károly Museum, Pápa, Hungary:
Blue Heritage, Blue Fashion

The tradition of blue painting as a part of the world heritage of intellectual culture
Topics covered during the presentation; blue painting technique, blue painters works in Hungary today, and blue painting in contemporary fashion

14 15 – 14 45

Benjamin Itter, Germany:
Gandhi – A global role model for todays world

Benjamin Ittner from Germany, CEO of Lebenskleidung, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Qualified Textile Agency, Green Fashion India – initiative by School of Fashion Technology, Pune

14 45 – 15 15

Dr. LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky, USA:
Culture Is the New Black

United States, US President of NAIFA MARUF FOUNDATION, Human Rights for Women President and CEO / Global Sustainability in Fashion Advisor

15 15 – 15 45

Miguel Angel Gardetti PH.D., Argentina:
Transformation Leadership: the key for sustainable luxury fashion

Founder and director of Sustainable Luxury Research Center and Sustainable Textile Center. The Sustainable Luxury Education Center is the world’s first scientific research center to integrate luxury and sustainable development. Active member of United Nation Global Compact Argentina

15 45 – 16 15

Dr. Lívia Kokas Palicska, Innovatex Zrt., Association of Hungarian Light Industry – short introduction to presentation: Self-assessment online tool for analyzing workplace and supplier CSR risks (Hungary)

16 15 – 16 30

Coffee Break

16 30 – 17 15

Panel Discussion – What makes a great community:  challenges & opportunities of building a cross border sustainable fashion community

  • Moderator: Olga Johnston Antonova, educator, journalist, stylist, founder of Russian language platform for sustainable and circular fashion (Russia / Germany)
  • Sass Brown, Honorary President of GSFW, one of the most emblematic representatives of sustainable and ethical fashion, author of two books on the subject (United Kingdom)
  • Mariel Jumpa, Advisor & Founder of Slow Fashion World
    Regional Advisor and Director LATAM for #GSFW (Sweden)
  • Benjamin Itter, His lecture is dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Gandhi (Germany)
  • Tóth Dávid Ágoston, from Hats by Annity, Kortárs Női Reflexiók Fóruma (Hungary)
  • Edit Csanák DLA, professor at Óbuda University, fashion theorist and brand designer (Hungary)

9th April 2019  International Eco Fashion Show 7 pm – 9 pm

Creative Team of #GSFW is headed by István Hornyák designer, stylist, choreographer and visual artist, with
Ágnes Szépligeti, designer, Head of the Couture and Art Team of National Fashion League Hungary (NDL)

Jeff Garner (USA)
Plus Que Ma Vie – Andrea Lazzari (Italy)
Fosca MILANO (Italy)
MSMAD Collective Fashion Show: VIP guest designer: Tere Gutiérrez de la Concha, Mattos, Cucubox, Soesto, Upcyclick, Abissi (Spain)
Cocccon – Georg Andreas Suhr (Germany), Mayu – Anita Koritke (Hungarian-Indian)
Dr. Jocelyn H-C Chen (Taiwan)
Navona – Megla Rózsa (Hungary)
Nevice – Naima Nevice Maneno (Germany)
Sylvia Calvo (Spain)

Designers on Display

Visual artist: Ágnes Krivanics, Designer – Eco Fashion Team of NDL – She presents some outfits of her new eco conscious collection too: “Save the heritage” is the theme of my new collection. Using warn out tablecloth and towels originally created by grandmothers and great grandmothers to create my new embroidery. I use them to build the garbs that today’s elegant woman both needs and desire. Each peace carries in it the artisanal hand work of our ancestors.

De Mil Amores Buenos Aires  by Mrs. Fabiana Fernandez Lanza (Argentina) – The brand of De Mil Amores Buenos Aires is represented by Mrs. Fabiana Fernandez Lanza, Regional Representative of Argentina in the International Executive Board of #GSFW. De Mil Amores Buenos Aires is a chic bohemian elegant female and romantic style truly based on the sustainable knit handmade by Artisans Couture trend with its own identity. Their best point is the entire process and the hight quality of yarn and wools coming from Patagonia and all parts of Argentina. The brand name is inspired by Buenos Aires the city of Tango.

Latin American Exhibition by Regional Director & Advisor #gsfw Mariel Jumpa

By Maqu, Marisa Fuentes (Peru and Germany) – By Maqu designs classic clothing with a timeless aesthetic. The garments are made with innovative fabrics using sustainable manufacturing methods. All products are handmade in Germany and Peru – individual items the designer Marisa Fuentes produces in her Studio & Store in Berlin.

Las polleras de Agus, Griela and Jhasmine Perez (Peru) – Las polleras de Agus founded by Peruvian designers Griela and Jhasmine Perez, a mix of respect, passion and admiration for Peruvian cultural identity. The brand seek to reclaim the traditional garments which are being lost over time. Working closely with Artisan and artists communities, they incorporate culture heritage and cultural identity to contemporary fashion.

Bohetnika, Lizeth Soto Rivas and Alex Behrendt (Mexico and Germany) – Bohetnika is a Berlin based brand founded by Mexican artist Lizeth Soto Rivas and her husband Alex Behrendt with the aim to value the preservation and growth of Mexican artisanal and sustainable design. By carrying these amazing handcrafted garments in Europe, Bohetnika is promoting cultural diversity through design to keep pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions alive.

Anna Fehér (Hungary) – Frida Khalo’s presonality inspired  earrings, made out from rosey stripes, where the mexican and hungarian colours are harmonizing.

Francisca Tornero (Chile) – Francisca Tornero is a Chilean author design firm for wedding dresses and haute couture that has been working in the field for more than 10 years. The concept and personal stamp that differentiates them in their field is that they seek to capture that Chilean identity in each of their designs.

Nhila, Natalia Esguerra Villegas (Colombia) – Nhila by Colombian designer Natalia Esguerra Villegas founded a textile printing studio bringing together artistic techniques to sustainable fashion. Each textile work (scarf) is designed with its own photograph, thus supporting the conservation and study of Colombian species and printed with inks that do not leave residues in the water or in the air by women in Bogotá.

Religare, Manuela Peña (Colombia) – Religare is a Colombian brand by Manuela Peña. RELIGARE is a form of aesthetic and ethical expression, where knowledge is united. And in this process of encounters, look for ways to make a sustainable industry. They are inspired by natural rhythms and the mystery of the universe.

Biotico, Jessica Pullo (Argentina) – Biotico is a sustainable and ethical fashion project (Upcycling) producing haute couture from waste by change-maker and Argentinian designer Jessica Pullo. BIOTICO arises from the need to do something positive that would encourage a more caring society with the people who need it and the environment.

Busularo, Carla Busularo (Argentina) – “Be genuine, feel Unique” by Busularu – is about responsible and sustainable design for Argentinian textile designer Carla Busularo. Each piece links the person to their surroundings, telling a natural and organic story. All collections highlight the concept of Upcycling and the use of Alpaca, Raffia, Silk and vegetal paper creating capsule  collections and unique pieces of art.

Karin Fraidenraij (Argentina) – Karin Fraidenraij The Argentinian-born entrepreneur with European and Peruvian ancestors draws inspiration for the cuts, shapes and colors of her wool-knit designs from many sources.  Unique designs made of high-quality, sustainable lama and alpaca wool manufactured in fair conditions in South America. The label with a studio in Munich, Germany stands for the designers’ dream combining her two worlds – South America and Europe.

Cristina Oviedo (Argentina) – Cristina Oviedo is a sustainable Argentinian author design mark, dedicated to the manufacture of handmade pieces. The brand uses ancestral techniques of knitting and embroidery, always taking into account the environment, the craftsmanship and fair commerce aiming to create job opportunities, empowering women with providing income to develop an equal society.

Echaniz, Laura Echaniz (Argentina) – Conscious design is the DNA for Echaniz by actress and designer Laura Echaniz. Echaniz works with unique, handcrafted clothing reusing materials that had been previously discarded and recovers fabrics from the 70’, 80’, and 90’s such as jacquards, Gobelins, amongst other unique materials with a commitment to the environment and re-install value to tailoring.

Borbála Csiszár (Romania)  collection: Point of view – 3D pattern magic – the dresses are made by upcycled fabrics

Botond David, Romania, special hologram intallation about his collection of 1300 pcs folk costumes from all over the world

Anthyia by Ying Lou, China/Germany – presentation of the old Asian nettle called ramie,  eco textile fabric, it used in  the collection of  NAVONA Fashion, Hungary at the 4th GSFW fashion show

Anita Koritke – MAYU, India/Hungary The Golden Circle Collection

Inspired by the minimalist philosophy of Icelandic culture, The Golden Circle Collection has simple, classic and timeless designs. Our leather is sourced from organic fish farms in Ireland – Made from upcycled Salmon and Wolfish skin which is a byproduct of the fish processing units.-  treated with water provided by geothermal plants in Iceland, designed in New York and crafted in India with customised embellishments/trimmings from Hong Kong.

hatS by Annity, Hungary  – Custom made, hand embroidered hats symbolizing  the combination of ,„Antique” and  “Modernity”

Dr. Edit Csanák, Óbuda University, Hungary  – “DENIFESTO: What is a jeans worth when it is Serbian and the designer is Hungarian?” Manifesto for the fair trade

TildArt, Matilda Jánosi, UK/Hungary – “Diana Collection” made from a combination of Organic Fabrics & Recycled Curtains – coming from Spencer House the residence of Lady Diana, handmade in London.

Mancika Designs, Hungary – Fun, colorful art jewelry created purely with sustainability in mind from cork and recycled materials

Violinda, Melinda Viola (Slovakia), Junior Expo winner – Violinda deals with the value-added recycling, namely with Upcycling art. Through an ancient Mayan folding technique – papers, newspapers, expired flyers, catalogs, old books, and packaging materials get a new meaning and value. Under our hands wallpaper wastes, vertical blinds, fabrics, and bookbinding PU leather strips get a chance for a new life and for a revival. Worthless garbage receives a new value in the form of bags, accessories, laptop-mobile cases and gifts. I also give a part-time job to people with reduced work capacity

Doris Bakos, authentic korean folk costumes in a modern fashion art, Student of the Forrai Art School, Hungary

Participants of the 2nd round of the WORTH EU Project from Hungary – Benahmed Andrea: Eco-friendly wardrobe for women

Hungarian winner of the WORTH EU project: Gabriella Veszprémi

Further participants – Kinga Kovács (finalist), Adrienne Körtvély, Andrea Benahmed

Notjustuseless, Katalin Huszár – Notjustuseless is an experimental ecodesign initiative collecting and re-using plastic straws to raise awareness of excessive consumer waste

Designer on Display – 10th April 2019 Venue: Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry map

Eventuell by Andrea Kesserű (Hungary) – ’A closer look helps to understand!’ Andrea Kesserű makes hand polished and hand painted loope jewellery out of reused optical glass /eyeglass/.Integral part of her collection are the accessoires made out of plexi glass waste. Many of them has the drawings of her down-syndrom son Dani on.

10th April 2019  International Conference

09 30 – 10 00


10 00 – 10 45

Opening Speeches

  • Nagy Elek, BKIK CEO
  • Michele Orzan – EuCham CEO

I. Leadership and social responsibility; equal opportunities and transparency in sustainable fashion

10 30 – 11 00

Carry Somers, Founder and Global Operations Director of Fashion Revolution, UK

Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest fashion movement working towards systemic reform of the fashion industry with a focus on transparency

11 00 – 11 30

Mostafiz Uddin, Bangladesh
Sustainability in Fashion Industry through Transparency & Collaboration – The Example of Bangladesh

Devoted to sustainability, Mostafiz is one of the key players of the Bangladesh textile industry, founder of the Fashionology Summit and Sustainable Apparel Forum. As a vendor with fast fashion companies, he’s had a major role on the subject of transparency, equal treatment and sustainability

II. Circular fashion, zero waste, environmental impacts

11 30 – 12 00

Jeff Garner, USA:
Toxins in Fashion & the Health Implications

Emmy award winning (Best Documentary in Art) VIP guest designer of the 4th GSFW is going to present on Sustainable Fashion: Toxins in Fashion & the Health Implications. Jeff pays special attention to using non toxic materials for all of his ranges

12 00 – 13 00

Lunch break

13 00 – 13 20

Valentyna Dovhanyuk, Italy:
Treasures from Trash

The presentation „Treasures from Trash” revolves around circular fashion, from the viewpoint of fabric makers and global commercial networks, both being important players in bringing significant change

13 20 – 13 45

Edwina Huang, Vivify Textiles, Switzerland:
The future of Fashion

With outstanding knowledge in sustainable and eco fashion, Edwina will address how we can create the future of fashion from a technology angle so that we can achieve circular fashion, zero waste and transparency all together

13 45 – 14 15

Luca Olivini, Italy:
Integrate Responsible Innovation into Your Brand

C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub Material Manager, he will introduce the contemporary topics of Responsible Innovation and Circular Economy analyzing the key pillars and values of the two. After this first moment, he will introduce key smart innovative materials, and related brand adoptions, that inspire creativity and infuse technology, performance and sustainable credentials that take steps toward a circular economy

14 15 – 14 45

Katherine Soucie, Canada:
Fashion Praxis: Zero Waste + Craft + Valuable Role of Pre-Consumer Textile Waste

CEO of Sans Soucie Textile + Design Consulting Studio, Lecturer at LaSalle Vancouver University and author of publications on sustainable fashion

14 45 – 15 15

Dr. Jocelyn H-C Chen, Taiwan:
Sustainable Fashion Design: A Dialogue with Materials

Associate Professor, Department of Textiles and Clothing, Fu Jen Catholic University, from Taiwan, Professor of one of the 10 best fashion design universities, Dr Jocelyn H-C Chen is devoted to sustainable fashion and will present her new collection “A Stitch in Time” – after the London Fashion Week – on the catwalk too

15 15 – 15 45

Tere Gutiérrez de la Concha, Spain:
Growing up despite oil

CEO of Claudina Romero, a project dedicated to the dissemination and production of sustainable fashion in Spain, she is member of I belong to the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid (MSMAD). She is a VIP guest designer of the Spanish collective fashion show.
The presentation “Growing up despite oil” is going to discuss the impact fashion has on pollution

15 45 – 16 00

Coffee Break

16 00 – 17 00

Panel Discussion with most of the conference presenters on the topics above

  • Moderator: Edwina Huang  from Switzerland is the Co-Founder at Phoenxt – Fabric & Textile

  • Carry Somers from UK  is the Founder and Global Operations Director of Fashion Revolution
  • Kenny Jackson-Forrest, from the UK will present his book on sustainable luxury, with special detail on designers  using up-cycled materials

  • Alice Beyer Schuch, from Germany, Circla Modo, she is is going to represent the Circular Economy Club, as an exceptional expert in circular fashion, having travelled from Brazil to all around Europe as a trainer. Circular Economy Club (CEC) is a platform from more than 100 countries including 3100 professionals and organisations
  • Sylvia Calvo from Spain is a pioneer of sustainable fashion and will showcase her collection made from up-cycled coffee sacks

  • Fawad Noori from Pakistan is the Creative Head of GSFW. He is a lecturer at GIFT University and avid presenter at conferences dealing with design and sustainable fashion

    Participants can also familiarise themselves at the conference with the KIA inspired intelligent wear prototypes as well as other eco designers’ collectio

10th April 2019  Fashion and Cultural Side Events 7 pm
VIP program – with special invitation only

Tildy Palace (Embassy of Argentina) – map

Events on the #GSFW


Speakers from around the world​

Eco Fashion Show

Brilliant designers show their unique collections during the Eco Fashion Show

Side Events

Press conference, workshops and more

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