14 October 2022

10 AM-5 PM – SynArFash International Conference

La Prima Fashion Hotel Budapest

This year the 7th#GSFW will join with its main programmes the Budapest Design Week. The Budapest Design Week festival – which will take place from 7-16 October 2022 – has an inspiring theme “Spaces of Encounters – Architecture and Design”. Our planned programme for the 7th#GSFW also aims to explore common concepts and intersections between architecture and fashion, offering a new perspective and interdisciplinary approach for both professional and non-professional audiences. We are looking for links with different artistic sectors so that such collaborations can offer the designers new inspiration and broader, even completely new perspectives too.

The main concept of our 7th#GSFW is SynArFash – synergy between architecture/arts and fashion. The 7th GSFW is a platform where we can invite researchers, designers, architects, constructors, academic professionals, and also students who are dealing with Architecture, Fashion, Arts, and Design.

The SynArFash international conference welcomes speakers who will demonstrate the importance and novelty of this topic through their own practice. Many well-known fashion designers originally studied architecture or draw inspiration from architecture. And many architects are open to the co-arts and look for common ground. Based on our preliminary consultations with such experts, we agreed on the relevance of products and objects that are made in a sustainable, value-preserving, environmentally friendly, or even recycling way. And this approach applies not only to fashion, but also to the objects in the spaces around us, and even to buildings.

REGISTRATION: https://my.forms.app/nflhfashionhungary/registration-form

Link for FB event: https://fb.me/e/3GHEtSkvN


10:00-10:05 – Dr. Gabriella MÁNYI WALEK President of the National Fashion League Hungary Associaition and #GSW, Ambassador of WORTH Partnership Project, and Fashion Revolution Hungary country coordinator

10:05-10:20 – NAGY Csaba Archikon Ltd, Ybl and Prima Primissima award-winning chief architect, Member of the Board of the Association of Hungarian Architects
Greeting and presentation of MÉSZ (Association of Hungarian Architects)

10:20-10:35 – PÓLUS Károly Lead Architect, Archikon Ltd.
Presentation of Archikon

10:35-10:50 – ERTSEY Attila DLA architect, Designer of autonomous houses
Passive and autonomous houses

10:50-11:05 – LUKÁCS Péter CEO at HUNGAROPEC Zrt
Relationship between the building industry and waste treatment

11:05-11:20 – SZAKÁCS Barnabás Founder, Managing director of Lépték-Terv Landscape Architect’s office, Viaplant brand owner
Viaplant – the natural relationship between landscape and architecture

11:20-11:35 – Korinna MOLLA Head of Transfer, Impacts and Markets at AITEX Coordinator of WORTH Partnership Project

11:35-11:50 – MEGYESI Zsuzsa Creative Director at DosGolpes, Art Director A+ Z Design Studio
Up-cycled Neopren Shoe Silencer

11:50-12:05 – KERESNYEI Johanna DLA Freelancer architect and designer
Sustainability in fashion and architecture

12:05-12:20 – BOSÁNYI Martin Architectural artist at Kertvéllesy Architect’s Office
The approach to sustainability and the architectural response

14:00-14:20 – Olivier GUILLEMIN Artistic Director, Chairman of the Comité Français de la Couleur; Olivier VÉDRINE Architect/Designer Co-founder of [o,o] agency Professor at Camondo Academy in Paris
Creative Duality – illustrated presentation the two founders of [o,o] Paris reinventing the codes of luxury, tradition and the impact of colors.

14:20-14:35 – Ana VASILJEVIC Professor at University UDG Sustainable designer, visual artist
“Beyond the natural heights“ Gaudi in the fashion’s spotlight

14:35-14:50 – Ahmad JOUFFE Visionist, Advisor in finance, lifestyle, arts, sustainability, and health
Breaking Habits With Art

14:50-15:05 – Alia KHAN Founder and Chair Women of Islamic Fashion and Design Council
What matters in Islamic Fashion, Art, and Architecture

15:05-15:20 – Carolina NISIVOCCIA Owner of Studio Carolina Nisivoccia Architecture

15:20-15:35 – Veronika KRAUTH SPACE/JEWEL Architect, founder of Individin Design Studio
Unique details as the jewellery of architecture – a perceptional parallel

15:35-15:50 – Margaret LARMUTH Fashion, design and colour consultant, Steering Board Member at WORTH Partnership Project
Tapping the Zeitgeist – the parallel creative processes of fashion designers and interior designers.


FUGA Center for Architecture: https://fuga.org.hu/

We announce with pleasure a new venue for our fashion show at the 7th#GSFW on 14th October. As some of our designers have already asked to present their collection not only in a fashion performance but in a real fashion show, we can provide them a very inspiring place in downtown Budapest, Fuga – Budapesti Építészeti Központ

The FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture was opened in 2009. FUGA’s primary message: architecture is an integral part of the culture. By showing artists’ works from various fields they want to strengthen the connection between architecture and related arts

It is an outstanding downtown venue for different exhibitions and various performances. In the hall, there is a bookshop with an excellent collection.

This will be the inspiring venue of our SynArFash fashion show (synergy between architecture/arts and fashion) on the 14th of October. With the host of FUGA https://fuga.org.hu/ we aim to make the audience for the arts and culture feel at home at the Budapest Centre of Architecture enjoying the fashion show, where the featured Hungarian and foreign designers present their wonderful clothes.

REGISTRATION: http://my.forms.app/form/631a28a7afe7f34ef88e40a2 

Link for FB event: https://fb.me/e/2nMMjdsWf

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