Extra discounted accommodation at the 7th#GSFW!

The Mellow Mood Hotels offers high standards and central locations in Budapest, which allows you to explore Budapest with ease and comfort. The hotels have a pleasant atmosphere with modern amenities and the highest quality services at whichever hotel you can choose during your stay in Budapest at our 7th#GSFW too.


Mellow Mood Hotels offers a special discounted accommodation for all participants of the 7th#GSFW in the following hotels if you send your reservation via the link below. This special price is only valid for the period between 10-16 October 2022, but of course, you can book for other dates at the normal prices.

You can find below the hotels and the links.

We are at your disposal in any further questions. Do not hesitate to reserve your place in due time!

Alta Moda Fashion Hotelhttps://altamoda.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Atrium Fashion Hotelhttps://atrium.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Baross City Hotelhttps://baross.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Estilo Fashion Hotelhttps://estilo.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Expo Congress Hotelhttps://expo.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Impulso Fashion Hotelhttps://impulso.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
La Prima Fashion Hotelhttps://laprima.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Promenade City Hotelhttps://promenade.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW
Star City Hotelhttps://star.book.mellowmoodhotels.com/en/booking/search?promotion-code=GSFW