Ayesha Siddequa

“LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD” is her motto. 

Ayesha Siddequa has more than twelve years of corporate knowledge in Interior Designing, Admin, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. Originally from India Ayesha lived most of her life in the Middle East. After completing her Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility at Liverpool John Moores University in UK she moved back to the middle east to settle in Dubai. She is a CSR professional, Consultant and Design Activist who wants to make a difference in a industry that she is passionate about. 

Ayesha is the Founder and Creative Director of  Future Fashion; a “Pioneering Ethical Fashion platform” located in the Middle East. Providing a voice and a channel for high-end ethically produced fashion brands that do not compromise on quality and style.
Ayesha asked the question “What will take us to the point where our conscience speaks louder than money?” Ayesha believes that for too long, the business model for the fashion industry has been to outsource production to drive down costs. This has resulted in unsafe labour conditions, low wages, oppressive expectations for millions of worker – and negative environmental impact. Future Fashion is here to change that and promote ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Ayesha also is the UAE Country Coordinator for Fashion Revolution Day, a initiative that started after the biggest disaster in Fashion Industries history in Bangladesh; Rana Plaza. This initiative brings to lite the social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains. Fashion Revolution says enough is enough. She is also a member of the International Executive Board at The Global Sustainable Fashion Week organised by National Fashion League Association (NFLH), Hungary and Board member of College of Fashion and Design, Dubai. 

The philosophy of our success lies in our belief that every modern fashion brand should give back to the community and be at one with the environment.

Last but not least Ayesha also is the Guinness World Record Holder for creating the largest Abaya (a national dress worn by women in the Gulf region) that showcased on it, the brilliant work of artists from Mawaheb for beautiful people, an art studio for adults with special needs in Dubai, UAE. 

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