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3rd Global Sustainable Fashion Week

The main goal of the 3rd GSFW is to call the attention to the different aspects of the social responsibility, first of all to the importance of the equal chances in the ethical and sustainable fashion alongwith the other actual issues for the developing of this sector, like the digitalization.  The professional lecturers and eco designers are invited from all parts of the world representing their own countries.

2nd Global Sustainable Fashion Week – interview with Piroshka/Anna Hegedüs

2nd Global Sustainable Fashion Week – interview with Piroshka/Anna Hegedüs

After the successful fashion show of Piroshka at the 2nd Glolbal Sustainable Fashion Week, the designer, Anna Hegedüs gave an interesting interview about her collection and her approach to the sustainable fashion.

GSFW: Remember the Environment

The Global Sustainable Fashion Week is making strong strides in the promotion of international fashion that has a keen respect for the environment, while promoting the needs ideals of sustainability, ecology and ethics.


CHANEL GOES ECO – Fall Winter 2016/17

February 23, 2016

Paris, France – In Paris legendary fashion house Chanel presented its new Fall Winter 2016/17 at the Grand Palais. Under the longtime artistic direction of Karl Lagerfeld, the new collection takes a turn towards ecology.


MONACO DE LUXE – Ethical Fashion Show

February 23, 2016

Paris, France – At the recent Berlin Fashion Week, Monaco de Luxe presented its new Fall Winter 2016/17 as part of the ethical fashion show.




Eco Fashion at the Brooklyn Fashion Week.


In this classic interview, Dame Vivienne Westwood explains her stance on ecology in fashion and sustainability.

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