7th June

Presenters on 7th June

Moderator: Olga Johnson Antonova

Sustainability Expert, Educator, Journalist: Fashion & Lifestyle

Suzanna Vock

GWAND Association, GWAND Sustainable Festival, Founder and President, CH

Muhammad Fawad Noori

Creative Design Head of #GSFW, CEO Fadnooricouture, Founder IFAD, Assistant Professor SFADA, GIFT University, Pakistan

Aloke Kumar Singh

Co-founder/Director ESED School of Design, India

Rafał Stanowski

Creative Director, Cracow Fashion Week, Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design SAPU, Poland

Miklos Matolcsy

Head of Pont Velem, sustainabilty educaiton for schools, Hungary

Guoxiang Yuan

Associate Professor, College of Fashion and Design, Donghua University, Shanghai, China

Don Omila Naushan

CEO/Founder Academy of Art and Design International Fashion School, Sri Lanka

Dinie van den Heuvel

Head designer Infantium Victoria, guest Lecturer HEAD Geneva
kids’ fashion presentation

Balogh Dóra

Educational Managerof Fashion Revolution Hungary, Educational Coordinator of National Fashion League Hungary, Owner/Designer, WEALL

Jánosi Anikó Ágnes

Fashion Designer/Stylist, Babba workshop

Madhusudan Kumar Lal

Fashion designer, Vector illustrator and Artist Talented and creative team Member of NFLH, Co-founder of “admorus” Pret-a-Porter brand for children, India
kids’ fashion presentation

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