You are invited to our 7th#GSFW in Budapest in October 2022!

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12th October 2022

SynArFash concept in education – Online conference and workshop

Well-known international institutions, specialists, and trainers are associated with this program, for whom the education of the new generation in sustainable fashion and the creative industry is very important, and they are looking for cooperation with other institutions, professional organizations, designers, and manufacturers. Among the featured speakers of the program are the international leaders of the Cumulus Association,, with wide professional connections, for example, the secretary general of the organization is professor of well-known Finnish Alto University, in the field of research, development and sustainable fashion. Leaders, lecturers and designers from several well-known European and Asian institutions from Pakistan, China, India, Sri Lanka and the United States join the conference as speakers.

Join the online program between 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Meeting ID: 752 5666 8027

Passcode: GSFW121022

13 October 2022

10:00 AM-2:00 PM – SynArFash workshop by Ana Vasiljevic

Obuda University | H-1034 Budapest, Doberdo u. 6

The aim is to bring the work of designers and architects closer to the public so that on the one hand fashion designers present their work inspired by architecture and also architects present their activity. A highlight will be a workshop by Barcelona-based designer Ana Vasiljevic, who will give a workshop on who will give a workshop on “Beyond the natural hights`, Gaudi under the fashion spotlight. Ana Vasiljevic is not only a fashion designer, but also a sustainable fashion educator who is inspired by buildings in her own work, in particular Gaudi’s sustainable architecture.

1:00 PM-2:00 PM Presentation of HELLO WOOD

After the workshop, you can join a very inspiring presentation of HELLO WOOD,, the award-winning architecture studio. Hello Wood. Their buildings and other works and installations are made primarily from wood and other natural materials, reflecting not only their design consciousness but also their commitment to environmental responsibility.


Information about the program you can find at FB: here

14th October 2022

10 AM-5 PM – SynArFash International Conference

Venue: La Prima Fashion Hotel Budapest

This year the 7th#GSFW will join with its main programmes the Budapest Design Week. The Budapest Design Week festival – which will take place from 7-16 October 2022 – has an inspiring theme “Spaces of Encounters – Architecture and Design”. Our planned programme for the 7th#GSFW also aims to explore common concepts and intersections between architecture and fashion, offering a new perspective and interdisciplinary approach for both professional and non-professional audiences. We are looking for links with different artistic sectors so that such collaborations can offer the designers new inspiration and broader, even completely new perspectives too.

The main concept of our 7th#GSFW is SynArFash – synergy between architecture/arts and fashion. The 7th GSFW is a platform where we can invite researchers, designers, architects, constructors, academic professionals, and also students who are dealing with Architecture, Fashion, Arts, and Design.

The SynArFash international conference welcomes speakers who will demonstrate the importance and novelty of this topic through their own practice. Many well-known fashion designers originally studied architecture or draw inspiration from architecture. And many architects are open to the co-arts and look for common ground. Based on our preliminary consultations with such experts, we agreed on the relevance of products and objects that are made in a sustainable, value-preserving, environmentally friendly, or even recycling way. And this approach applies not only to fashion, but also to the objects in the spaces around us, and even to buildings.


Link for FB event:


Location: FUGA Center for Architecture:

We announce with pleasure a new venue for our fashion show at the 7th#GSFW on 14th October. As some of our designers have already asked to present their collection not only in a fashion performance but in a real fashion show, we can provide them a very inspiring place in downtown Budapest FUGA

The FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture was opened in 2009. FUGA’s primary message: architecture is an integral part of the culture. By showing artists’ works from various fields they want to strengthen the connection between architecture and related arts

It is an outstanding downtown venue for different exhibitions and various performances. In the hall, there is a bookshop with an excellent collection.

The featured guest designer of the international show is Jeff Garner, who will return for a second time to the #GSFW, he recently had a fantastic fashion show at the London Fashion Week. Jeff is a
well-known sustainable fashion designer with his brand Prophetik, he is a pioneer in fashion, a visual artist, and an educator from the United States, who dresses many Hollywood stars, artists, such as Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Activist Livia Firth, & Suzy Cameron etc. He won an Emmy in 2019 for his documentary on Sustainable Fashion called ‘Remastered’ found on Amazon.

The evening will also feature collections from other well-known and particularly inspiring designers.

A very versatile artist and designer, Yasuyuki-Ishii will be the other featured guest from Japan. Yasuyuki Ishii was active as an object artist in the 1980’s, and in the second half of the 1990’s he became involved in fashion design as an extension of this. He continues to make what can be called true artwork that considers both art and fashion, and which gives the impression of architectural and sculptural works. Now he will debut his extraordinary outfits in Budapest too.

One of the most talented designers in luxury couture, the London-based Adam X will also be the featured guest designer of the 7th#GSFW, who is going to present his Adam X Atelier brand’s stunning collection to demonstrate his attitude to architecture and arts.

This year the Hungarian designers will be represented by Rózsa Megla (brand NAVONA), who will present her new collection created with the concept of the 7th#GSFW, the SynArFash, the synergy between architect/arts and fashion. In her couture collection, Rózsa prefers to use sustainable and natural materials, and in the tailoring, she strives to minimize waste.


Link for FB event:

An excellent opportunity for the designers to exhibit their artwork, some pieces of their collection remain in the beautiful Baroque Statue Hall of the Kiscelli Museum on 15th October 2022.

15th October 2022

11:00 AM- 6:00 PM – SynArFash Exhibition in the Kiscelli Museum

The 15 October programme at the Kiscelli Museum offers a special designer presentation in a wonderful location, in the Baroque Sculpture Hall. Inspired by art and architecture, several Hungarian and foreign designers will bring some pieces of their SynArFash concept collections or some art or project pieces on sustainability and recycling to the museum’s Baroque Sculpture Hall. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet them in person and have informal discussions. In the inspiring setting of the museum’s Churchyard Hall, visitors will also be able to admire the different objects of the Design without Borders:



The exhibition is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm with museum admission, so you have to buy tickets to visit the program. Entrance fee: full price: 2000 HUF, student/youth/pensioner: 1000 HUF

If you want a plus guided tour “Design without Borders” starting at 4:00 pm, you have to register separately: The fee is +1000 HUF in addition to the entrance fee, i.e. adult: 3.000 HUF / student and youth; pensioner: 2.000 HUF

Link for FB event:

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